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Personal Trainer of the year
We helped Veronika win Personal Trainer 2022 Australia wide and out of 285 other PTs

“I couldn’t have achieved such an amazing award without the help of the PT Business Academy. Joining the Academy was the best decision I’ve made for my business”
– Veronika

Entrepreneur of the year
We helped Emma win entrepreneur of the year at the Perth Business Awards

“I can’t believe i won. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Adam and the PT Business Academy. This is much their award as it is mine. I can’t thank them enough”
– Emma

From full time work to award winning PT
We helped Cass go from working full time to an award winning PT with her all abilities program

“The team at the Academy helped me build a PT business that allowed me to step away from full time work to pursue my passion of training all abilities”
– Cass

Paid for her dream wedding
Our business coaching helped Bailey save up and pay for her dream wedding

“The business coaching has defiantly helped me earn enough money i can live comfortable, save for my dream wedding, and still have money left over”
– Bailey

Bought his dream car
We helped Sean build his PT business to the point he could buy his dream car

“Without a doubt the best businesses coaches in Australia. I went from working night shifts at a factory, to a full book a clients in under 3 months.”
– Sean

Featured on Sunrise and channel 7 news
We helped Nicolette kickstart her business that got her featured on channel 7

“Adam and the academy helped me capitalise on my socilal media following. I went from working in gym, to online in a matter of weeks”
– Nicolette

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